CAUSE is a brand new monthly national periodical, published by CAUSE, a registered public trust, highlighting the country's extraordinary nonprofit community along with zillions of causes. The editorial content focuses on the need for change in the country/society and the people and organizations who work to meet those needs. It is a resource for raising awareness, for much deserved accolades and for ways the whole country/society can get involved.

The heart of CAUSE is intimately concerned with almost every conceivable sensitive issue that is the blight of the modern world and society. Be it violence against women, children, caste violence, racial and communal violence, the very real evils of poverty or the violation of human and even animal rights, Cause embraces them all.

CAUSE aims at bringing awareness into issues that concern our daily lives, lurking around every bend of our backyards. We, at Cause focus into empowering sections of the lesser privileged, the differently abled, the excluded and the marginalised, the forgotten and the forsaken of society. The newsletter will function as a forum which discusses and creates awareness about sensitive issues surrounding abuse, violence, trafficking, and child labour so as to systematically root them out from society. 
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